“If all you try to do is just be famous, it’s never gonna happen…” – Exclusive Interview with DUB FX

Írta Fly Nagy

Dub FX is probably one of the most unique artist in the scene right now. He started playing on the streets, to fund his travelling. Now, he is a world famous musician. Last Friday he performed at the Hungarian EFOTT Festival. We were lucky enough to ask him a few questions.


It’s not your first time here in Hungary and at the EFOTT Festival. What do you think about the festival and the Hungarian crowd?

Look man, I love coming to the festivals in Hungary, they’re all good. There’re so many different ones, and I’ve almost been in every one. This is my second time at EFOTT, and you know it’s great, I enjoy it, I like coming back.

When you started playing your music on the streets, did you ever think that you’re going to be a world famous musician?

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Not really. It wasn’t my plan. I just wanted to travel the world, make music and just make people to have a good time and be able to do whatever I wanted. It’s just happened by having that kind of attitude, that’s what helped me get famous. If you’re trying so hard to be famous, and all you try to do is just be famous and popular, it’s never gonna happen. You have to be genuine, and have to do something that you genuinely love, and you have to do the best you can. Then people will response to that.

We are in the middle of the festival season. What is the hardest thing for you in it?

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Nothing is hard. I mean maybe no sleep is probably the hardest part. I’m old now, man. I’m 32 years old. When i used to be 25, I had more energy than anyone, but now I’m like… getting tired.

Last question. After the show, are you staying here and party a little bit or you have to leave?

Well, I’ve got a show tomorrow in Vienna so I have to leave.





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