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Josh Cartu – one of the most famous businessman who lives in the city


Josh Cartu, one of the most famous businessmen living in Hungary is mostly known about his luxury car collection. Now – maybe for the first time here – we had the chance to get closer to his human side. We asked him about his home, success and many others, so let us introduce you: Mr. Josh Cartu.

Josh Cartu
EBF: Why did you choose Hungary and Budapest for living? What do you like the most here?

Josh: I came here originally because of the nightlife and I had quite a few friends from around the world who were living here. Over the years, the nightlife interest faded and what became more important were my relationships and friendships. These days, I stay because I have a small group of friends that I live my daily life with and I feel good here. I guess you could say that Budapest sort of chose me… not the other way around.

EBF: Some would say, you are like the real world’s Tony Stark – you know: „Genious, millionaire, playboy and philanthropist”. Plus, a „gentleman driver”. But how would you describe yourself?

Josh: Those are all such lofty terms… I don’t feel as if I’m really any of those things. I’m just a guy who is passionate about technology, cars, and driving… I’ve been very fortunate in my life and in business and so I’m trying to spend the best years of my life on the hobbies and things I’m most interested in. I travel a lot and I’m learning about other cultures and honestly.. I think I’m just getting started.

EBF: Everyone wants to know about your daily routine. How do you spend an average day? Do you have favourite places to go? – except your garage, of course.

Josh: Most people live their lives in closed loops but in my case, every day is different. I’m always meeting new people, traveling to different places and trying to learn new things. I find that the best way to slow time down is to try and do at least one thing different every day to break the cycle. Even if it’s something mundane like trying a different type of coffee or taking a different route to the office. I recommend this to anyone… take the road less traveled!

EBF: You can be proud of your position among Ferrari members. For the future, what are your plans – Which races and challenges do you plan to participate?

Josh: I’m not particularly proud of it… I guess I’m just really grateful for my relationship with Ferrari. I think we see things from a similar perspective and are passionate about the same things. Racing has always felt as if it’s my DNA yet I’m the first person in my family to ever race cars. I’m currently enrolled in the 2017 Ferrari Challenge and I’ll be competing together with my brother David in the entire season next year. We’ll be driving the all new 488 Challenge car that was recently shown in Daytona.

A bit much but hey… it’s Milan and it’s Fashion week 😉

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